Clean Harbors provides safe, efficient environmental and waste management solutions to thousands of Retail locations across North America.

Retailers face a host of regulatory and operational challenges that can divert time and resources from their core business. Clean Harbors lifts this burden, providing comprehensive environmental services including collection and disposal of damaged, discarded, or recalled products; recycling of light bulbs, oil, oil filters, engine fluids and other materials; and on-site cleanup activities.

With proven expertise, extensive equipment inventory and broad capabilities, Clean Harbors manages retailers’ environmental needs, allowing them to focus on their business and bottom line.

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Retail Industry Services We Provide 

  • Damaged and discarded goods management
  • Recalled products collection and management
  • DEA controlled substance management
  • Used oil and oil filter collection, and other combustion engine fluids
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Oil/Water separator cleaning
  • Light bulb recycling services
  • Used batteries collection and recycling
  • Emergency and rapid response to store spills and upset events
  • Materials and supplies to hold and prepare waste for transport per DOT or TDG guidelines
  • Management reports related to hazardous waste activities