Sustainability: It’s our business.

Clean Harbors recognizes that sustainability stewardship is a core aspect of our brand and a key component of our long-term business success. Sustainability is our responsibility to the environment, society and the economy. This responsibility is commonly termed ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG measures are used to evaluate a company’s activities and commitment to sustainable practices. Clean Harbors prioritizes ESG performance in our day-to-day activities, communities, and the products and services that we provide. We are committed to working with stakeholders to enhance business value while minimizing negative impacts and seeking opportunities for improvement.

Our comprehensive Sustainability program demonstrates several of the Company’s objectives:

  • To identify key impact areas within the three elements of sustainability (environmental, social and economic);
  • To measure those key impacts, set targets and manage performance;
  • To continuously improve our ESG performance, based on ongoing evaluation of our impact areas;
  • To prevent pollution and comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • To leverage our operations, our supply chain, and our products and services to improve sustainability performance.

In support of these commitments, Clean Harbors will continue to assess the environmental, social and economic impact of our operations and our products. We will use information gathered through our ongoing sustainability efforts to identify enhancements to our business model, as well as specific activities that could mitigate the Company’s impacts on the environment, society and the economy while reducing any negative impacts from operations.

Our program is focused on the following strategies:

  • Health and Safety – Making health and safety a priority in everything we do.
  • Human Rights - Clean Harbor’s commitment to human rights is essential to our mission. This commitment is embedded within our corporate culture and all our business activities.
  • Operations / Customer Solutions – Developing and delivering the most sustainable customer solutions available supported by policies and procedures that ensure active management of environmental impacts across the organization.
  • Environmental Commitment – Provide services and products that lead the industry and contribute to a more sustainable world. We operate our business in an environmentally safe manner for the benefit and wellbeing of our employees, customers, the general public, and the countries where we work. We focus on maximizing energy and water conservation across the organization.
  • Supply Chain – Managing risk and driving sustainable practices through supply chain oversight.
  • Community Engagement – By investing in communities where we live and work, we create meaningful and positive impacts. Our investments are primarily focused on education, community activities, and career related opportunities.




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