Oil, Gas & Lodging Services


Clean Harbors Oil and Gas Field Services provide safe and effective practices and techniques to handle your oil and gas industry needs.

Clean Harbors has significant experience in providing exceptional services to countless businesses in the oil and gas industry. As an environmentally conscience company, our main focus has always been on safety, durability and reliability. Clean Harbors is a one-stop shop for comprehensive programs with dedicated staff that will work effectively with your management team to achieve your business objectives. 

Clean Harbors Oil and Gas Industry Services

  • Lodging Services – Exceptional housing and work accommodations in remote locations
  • Seismic Services - Project management expertise during surveying, land clearing and other key seismic projects
  • Surface Rentals - High-quality, durable equipment rentals your company can rely on during critical projects

Clean Harbors also develops custom programs to service:

  • Fracking water treatment and disposal
  • Drilling fluids and solids disposal
  • Rolloff and frac tanks
Lodging Services

Lodging Services


There's an advantage to coming into a comfortable housing environment that makes you feel like you are back home compared to large institutional lodges.

Clean Harbors Lodging Services offer more comfort, quality, and flexibility than any other lodging service in the industry.

Clean Harbors Lodging Services provide full-service options to meet all of your lodging needs. We offer short- and long-term accommodations to help your workers feel as close to home as possible. This keeps up morale and productivity while away from loved ones. Clean Harbors sets the new quality of life standard for accommodations with high-end catering and housekeeping as well as relaxing common areas for working out or watching satellite TV.

Clean Harbors Lodging Advantages

  • Permanent and temporary camps
  • Mobile drill camps
  • Customizable rooms and workspaces
  • Excellent catering and housekeeping
  • Manufacturing and wastewater treatment services
  • Quick delivery
  • Flexible commitments 
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Seismic Services

Seismic Services

Clean Harbors Seismic Services offer the expertise and manpower to safely support any size or scope of seismic project.

As the first seismic services company to apply quality control systems, our operating methods and reporting maximize efficiency and ensure environmental compliance. We provide project management expertise to lay out, cut and survey source and receiver lines and perform seismic drilling. From planning to equipment utilization, our experienced professionals deliver quality service—on time and on budget.

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Surface Rentals

Surface Rentals


Clean Harbors Surface Rentals are Your Defense against Downtime

Clean Harbors ensures the workability, durability and safety of all of our rental equipment, which we can deliver to your site or you can pick up from one of our facilities.

What Sets Apart Clean Harbors Surface Rental Equipment?

  • Well-maintained equipment is available when and where you need it
  • Well-trained, responsive technicians improve safety and increase efficiency 
  • Well-established systems have a proven track record in the field
  • Well-documented processes provide real-time tracking data in the field
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InSite Services®

InSite Services®


Clean Harbors InSite Services has been providing on-site services for oil and gas exploration and production and power generation for over 20 years.

One Source. More Resources.

From fluids handing to solids management to surface rentals or wellsite services, we integrate our dedicated staff with your management and operations teams to create a partnership guided by quality control tools such as metrics and cost savings tracking.

Clean Harbors on-site staff is dedicated to servicing your site and will leverage all of our resources to develop the safest and most cost-effective solution to your needs.

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Download Case Study (InSite - A Successful Partnership)

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