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Clean Harbors Production Services reduces risk and optimizes your production by offering you more—more expertise, more locations, more equipment and more services.

More than just the truck

We offer one of North America’s most diverse vehicle ranges, encompassing everything from truck and skid-mounted hot oiling burners to continuous rod units to pressure trucks. And, given our size and scope of services, we offer you more than just the truck. We also provide:

More experience and expertise

We are your one-stop source for skilled and experienced professionals. Our safety policies ensure that these operators are certified for hazard recognition and assessment, and safe work and driving procedures.

More fit-for-purpose innovation

We develop a “hand-in-glove” relationship with our customers, born from years of adapting our services and fleet to better meet their needs. As a result, we continuously are evolving our services. 

More geographic locations

We are conveniently located throughout western Canada and in key oil-producing areas in the United States, ensuring prompt and efficient response. 

More stability, less liability

We are a financially strong organization that’s been around for more than 30 years. We continue to invest in systems, processes, equipment and people that can help you run your business efficiently and in complete compliance.

More equipment and service diversity

We provide a full range of services to handle, transport and dispose of fluids and solids, as well as production solutions to increase well production efficiency. 

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Flush-By Services

Flush-By Services


Our flush-by services repair sanded vertical, slant and horizontal wells, returning them to full pumping capacity.

Clean Harbors significantly improves oil and gas well production through expert flush-by techniques.

Oil wells can become clogged due to solids trapped below. In addition, rods may break due to a number of environmental factors. Quality of production can be severely reduced, slowing projects down to a near halt. To safely and effectively repair these critical issues, businesses need experts with successful methods to keep production moving forward.

Clean Harbors Flush-By Services significantly improve well production by carefully repairing rods and properly flushing away debris embedded within the wells. With a set of high-level troubleshooting methods, Clean Harbors can efficiently resolve problems ranging from damaged pumps to tubing strings.

Working with your core team, Clean Harbors can provide value-added features such as: 

  • Conventional and slant well capabilities
  • Flush-by units equipped with “man-rider winch” personnel hoisting equipment 
  • Two rod BOPs for stripping and well control 

Clean Harbors Flush-By fleet includes:

  • Tandem tri-drives
  • Tandem tandems
  • Tandems 

Clean Harbors can ensure your production sustainability at its highest capacity.

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Hot Oiling

Hot Oiling


Our rigorous 500-hour mentorship program guarantees a skilled and experienced hot oil operator will handle your heating needs at your location.

Clean Harbors offers high-level oil well preventative maintenance to avoid wax and debris buildup.

Fluid buildup of hydrocarbon and wax within wells and pipelines can negatively affect your production. Loss in production can have an adverse environmental impact and change customers’ perspective of your organization. Preventative maintenance upfront can save time and money down the line. 

Clean Harbors Hot Oiling services focus on maximizing production and preventing unwanted fluid and debris buildup. Our hot oilers heat and pump water, oil or chemicals into wells and pipes in an effort to control any buildup. 

Clean Harbors Hot Oiling services include:

  • Treating large volume emulsions with heat and chemicals
  • Circulating dehys with solvents to clear trays and vessels of hydrocarbon buildup
  • Melting contaminated ice and snow via circulation
  • Heating large volumes of frac fluids
  • De-icing pop tanks

With low emissions, up to 6,000 liter capacity, and additional holding tanks for longer heating time, Clean Harbors offers the right environmental services to keep your business ahead of problems before they start.

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Coil Tubing

Coil Tubing


Clean Harbors is dedicated to effectively optimizing well production through effective coil tubing techniques.

Well optimization is essential to maintaining a high level of performance. Wells can become severely clogged and greatly disrupt production. An underperforming well can lead to a loss in revenue.

Clean Harbors Coil Tubing services include:

  • Cleaning out gas wells, frac sands, H2O and disposal wells
  • Cleaning produced sand from well bores
  • Retrieving plunger and bumper springs on fluid assist lift systems
  • Hanging off siphon strings in gas wells  
  • Retrieving wire line retrievable plugs

Our experienced workers have the expertise you need and the high level of responsiveness to meet and exceed your project goals.

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Continuous Rod Services

Continuous Rod Services


Clean Harbors Continuous Rod Services help businesses effectively overcome tubing wear and rod stress.

Aggressive pumping can result in tubing wear and tear as well as solids settling within the pump. A continuous rod can alleviate solids and pump pressure. 

Clean Harbors Continuous Rod Services are critical for the installation, removal and repair of continuous rod wells. Our equipment and services can lead to lowering your maintenance and energy costs, ultimately increasing production.

Advantages of using Clean Harbors Continuous Rod units

  • Reduces tubing and rod wear in horizontal, deviated, slant, or high-speed wells
  • Eliminates flow restriction past couplings in high-viscosity/sand production wells

Clean Harbors Continuous Rod Services include:

  • Pulling up to 50,000 pounds on slant wells
  • Pulling up to 50 feet of polished rod
  • Pulling up to 50-foot pumps out of stator for flushing
  • Servicing and running in continuous rod strings

We have the industry expertise to fully understand your business needs and help you achieve your production goals.

Fire Blade Welding

All of our continuous rod units are equipped with a vast selection of fishing tools to repair broken rods, including fire blade welders. These welders are designed to fuse together the broken continuous rod, so it can be reinstalled in the well.

Not only will you save costs associated with traditional service rigs, you’ll benefit from cost savings associated with the fire blade welders.

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Pressure Trucks

Pressure Trucks


Avoid costly leaks by testing facilities, line, and wellheads before operations start up.

Clean Harbors Pressure Trucks test your equipment before operations begin to ensure production accuracy.

Your equipment needs to be ready before operations even begin. Comprehensive testing for leaks, pressures and flow rates should be evaluated up front by a company with a reputation of getting the job done right. Clean Harbors offers a fleet of pressure trucks to tackle a wide array of challenges, providing the best in environmental services.

Clean Harbors Pressure Trucks strategically push fluid at high pressures into wellheads, pipes and vessels to analyze and test for leaks as well as to monitor displacement. Our trucks have state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most accurate testing results, ranging from rates of volumes pumped to rate of pumping and pressures.

Clean Harbors Pressure Trucks usage includes, but is not limited to:

  • Service and drilling rigs
  • Hydro testing on new plant and pipeline construction  
  • Refinery shutdowns
  • Well workovers
  • Hot and cold chemical pumping
  • Tank/Vessel stinging

You can count on Clean Harbors Field Service operators to safety and effectively conduct professional testing and prepare your business for smooth operations. Our highly trained operators have the certifications and the drive to bring you exceptional service every time.

Download Fact Sheet (Pressure Trucks)

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Fluids Handling, Transportation and Disposal

Fluids Handling, Transportation and Disposal


We believe that a qualified operator, well maintained equipment and an experienced, knowledgeable team working together equates to superior service to you.

Clean Harbors Fluids Handling, Transportation and Disposal services carefully and effectively remove unwanted fluid from your plant sites, tanks, vessels, rigs and pipelines.

When you need to remove excess liquid materials, you need a trustworthy service to provide safe and professional transportation. Clean Harbors has a fleet of trucks designed specifically to transport a variety of fluids to the destination of your choice, including:

  • Crude oil
  • Condensate
  • KCl
  • Methanol/Glycol/Ammines
  • Produced Water/Emulsion
  • Drilling fluids/Frac fluids
  • HCL/Formic acid
  • Solvents
  • Chemical hauls/Field drops

Clean Harbors advanced and extensive transportation service offers:

  • Sealed sour units
  • Pressure trucks/Hot oilers
  • Tandem/Tridem/Semi-Vac trucks and combo units
  • Hydro vacs

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Solids Handling, Transportation and Disposal

Solids Handling, Transportation and Disposal

Clean Harbors Solids Handling, Transportation and Disposal services keep your operations running effortlessly with the expert and safe removal of hazardous and non-hazardous solids.

When dealing with oil and gas related materials, hazardous and non-hazardous solids will need to be removed from a site. Without the proper knowledge and specific training, removal of this dangerous material is very risky and not recommended. 

Clean Harbors Field Services operators are well trained and have the expertise to remove dangerous material and lower your risk. We ensure your operations are free of unwanted solids in the most effective manner.

Clean Harbors Solids Handling, Transportation and Disposal services handle:

  • Drilling mud and cuttings
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soil
  • Salt contaminated soil
  • Gravel
  • Railway ties

We also provide lugger bins and sludge boxes for on-site storage and disposal.  

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Hydrovac Services

Hydrovac Services


Hydro excavation mitigates the risk of damage of unknown or congested underground infrastructure and injury to on-site personnel.

Clean Harbors provides safe, clean, precise and cost-effective excavation through our state-of-the-art hydro excavation methods.

When industrial and municipal environments require excavation, conventional machine digging can bring a low level of accuracy and high risk of underground infrastructure damage. The surrounding ecosystem could also be in danger, resulting in a huge environmental impact. Clean Harbors offers the safer, cleaner option of hydro excavation. 

Clean Harbors Hydrovac Services uses high pressure water and an industrial strength vacuum to break up soil and collect debris. We also have the ability to transport and dispose of the material, making Clean Harbors a one-stop shop for all of your excavation needs.

Clean Harbors Hydrovac Services cover:

  • Daylighting
  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Piling and test holes
  • Debris removal
  • Culvert cleanouts
  • Spill and pipeline break cleanup

Clean Harbors Hydrovac Services lower insurance costs and liability exposure. We offer the most cost-effective solution along with our teams of qualified operators to provide the best excavation option in the industry. 

Download Hydro Excavation Brochure (U.S.)
Download Hydro Excavation Brochure (Canada)

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Chemical Hauling

Chemical Hauling

Industrial facilities that use hazardous chemicals often face the added burden of operating their own transportation fleet for hauling these materials. Clean Harbors offers a better option—outsourcing chemical transportation to our certified experts. With a vast inventory of chemical hauling equipment, highly-trained operators and extensive experience in hazardous material handling, we have the resources and insight to not only manage your chemical transportation needs but create operational efficiencies. 

Leveraging our investment in infrastructure, Clean Harbors provides significant value to clients. Our wash-out facilities allow for rapid turnaround of hazardous transportation units. Tank farms are strategically located to facilitate timely blending and distribution. And our focus on safety and compliance provides peace of mind as well as reduced liability.

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Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages

Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages


Clean Harbors vapour tight tank production packages meet your specifications for a single and multi-well battery

Clean Harbors Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages make your job quick and easy with cost-effective, positive pressure production rentals.

Our oil and gas process equipment is designed to work with sour oil (H2S) production to capture emulsion and burn all sour vapour. Our units eliminate odor on lease sites―safeguarding clients and landowners from odorous gas or oil.

Clean Harbors Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages have built-in safety features for when vapour is displaced from the tank truck. When loading fluid, vapour is pushed back into the gas tight tank and sent to the flare, thereby protecting the truck operator from fumes and preventing vapour and odor from being released on site.

All-in-One Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages

Our Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages are designed and mounted on one skid for fast mobilization and easy set up. They come complete with an insulated separator building and storage tank, flare stack, knockout drum, ignitor and piping. Units can be set up and operational the same day; and they are operator friendly and low maintenance. Additionally, you have the option to flare high pressure gas or produce it down the pipeline.

  • No secondary containment, required in Alberta and Saskatchewan (AER Directive 55), provides significant cost savings
  • Meets government requirements
  • Third-party integrity program ensures the safety of the rental equipment
  • Different sizes of separators from 285 psi to 1,440 psi are available to handle different flows of production
  • Tank storage capacities range from 300 bbl to 1,000 bbl
  • Flare stack rentals available
  • Knockout rentals available
  • Sour seal packages available

Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages meet your specifications for a single and multi-well battery

  • Sour oil production
  • Sweet oil production
  • Well testing
  • Well cleanup

Download Fact Sheet (Vapour Tight Tank Production Packages)

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