Clean Harbors Turns 40

Clean Harbors 40th Anniversary logo

40 Years of Clean Harbors

For the past 40 years, Clean Harbors has been providing comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services to meet the needs of customers throughout North America. Founded in 1980 by Alan S. McKim, Clean Harbors began as a four-person tank cleaning business. Today, Clean Harbors is a publicly traded company (NYSE: CLH) that maintains a vast network of service centers and waste management, treatment and disposal facilities and provides a broad range of services.

Company Facts:

  • North America's largest hazardous waste management company
  • North America's largest collector, recycler and re-refiner of used oil
  • North America's leading provider of comprehensive environmental, energy and industrial services
  • Top 20 largest private motor carrier
  • More than 350,000 customers including a majority of the Fortune 500
  • More than 15,000 employees
  • More than 450 service locations in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • More than 100 recycling, treatment and disposal facilities

40th Anniversary TV Commercial

Our employees are the heart and soul of Clean Harbors. Day in and day out, they do the dirty, dangerous, hard work that keeps our environment clean and safe. To show these invaluable people as the heroes they are, and their commitment to a more sustainable future, they are the stars of our first ever TV commercial. To learn more visit our TV Commercial page.








Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Efforts

Clean Harbors is the largest emergency response provider in North America and offers the most comprehensive management of medical waste generated during the treatment of patients infected with the virus. We are actively involved in the decontamination and remediation of Coronavirus (COVID-19). To learn more visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.