If you are a waste administrator at a coal-fired power generation plant, you know that wet fly ash disposal poses significant challenges, including tightening regulatory requirements, costs, storage capacity, service interruptions and environmental concerns. Clean Harbors can help. As a leading environmental and industrial services provider to the power industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide practical and cost-efficient solutions for ash management.

Clean Harbors offers an innovative, practical and extremely effective solution for ash management that is tailored to the specific needs of fossil fuel plants. Our DryAsh technology is an advanced ash pond solution that can be either a permanent or temporary inline process that converts wet fly ash to a more workable dry state. Best of all, this turnkey solution can be designed, built and installed within approximately six months of contract approval without any plant or unit shutdowns.

An Advanced Solution to Your Ash Pond Challenges

DryAsh is an engineered system of tanks, piping, pumps, hydraulic excavation and separations technologies that will be constructed and housed on your plant’s property. Wet, fly ash will be taken from the plant boiler, re-routed away from the ash lagoon and directed into our system, where it's converted to DryAsh and transported to an on-site landfill or off-site.

DryAsh Provides Benefits Across the Board

The Clean Harbors DryAsh technology is an advanced solution for managing, limiting or even eliminating wet ash waste ponds. This technology offers significant cost savings, maximum operational flexibility and no service interruptions. Specifically, our DryAsh technology and suite of services can help your plant gain benefits such as:

  • Cost savings of greater than 50% over more traditional and very expensive capital projects for ash management
  • 100% cost recovery using your plant’s current ratemaking and cost recovery structure
  • Avoiding service interruptions from retrofitting boilers with mechanical ash handling systems resulting in increased equipment maintenance, outages and shut downs
  • Up to 200% greater onsite storage when fly ash is stacked high and dry, versus low and wet
  • Regulatory compliance and reduced liability when you use DryAsh to address ash ponds that are old, unlined, unstable and may be leaching contaminants


Clean Harbors provides custom DryAsh solutions tailored to your plant’s specific needs:

  • Custom-engineered system – DryAsh is an end-of-pipe solution with turnkey management, operations and maintenance options
  • Variable volume from 50 to > 2,000 BDT/day (bone dry tons/day at the boiler)
  • The largest scale separations system in the industry with advanced separations and squeeze membrane technologies
  • Redundant reliability
  • 65% to 75% solids (by weight), ready-made to transport, stack, sell or store