Drilling Fluids Recovery Systems


 </a> Our systems save you money and make optimal use of your resources
</a> Our systems save you money and make optimal use of your resources

With extensive waste management expertise, specialized equipment and technical proficiency, Clean Harbors offers industry-leading drilling fluids recovery systems.

Clean Harbors understands that minimizing waste, saving money and making optimal use of resources are critical goals for industrial drilling projects. Our Drilling Fluids Recovery Systems (DFRS) provide a cost-effective method for recovering oil-based mud (OBM) so that the oil can be reused rather than discarded as waste.

Our DFRS use high-efficiency drying shakers mounted on fluid recovery containment tanks to recover the most oil-based fuel possible. Recovering more fluid for reuse reduces drilling costs and decreases the amount of waste for disposal—saving material, transportation and landfill costs. 

Additional Benefits of Clean Harbors DFRS

  • Linear motion vibrators capable of generating 5 Gs on the drying shaker
  • Screening area of 27.5 square feet
  • Variety of screen mesh sizes to maximize efficiency with different mud conditions
  • Adjustable deck angle to optimize retention time
  • Containment tank with sloped bottom and integral flush system
  • Submersible pump that transfers drilling fluid back to the active mud system

Industrial drilling is an expensive, highly technical process with significant waste management implications. Clean Harbors DFRS ensure maximum oil-based mud recovery and minimal waste, saving our clients money and creating operational efficiencies.