Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology


HPC Industrial, a Clean Harbors company, is the exclusive North American provider of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. 

Cleaning and maintaining the metal equipment in an industrial facility is a daunting task with serious bottom-line implications. HPC offers Ultrasonic Cleaning to remove heavy and light bitumen, tar, asphaltenes, polymers, grease and other petroleum products from metal items through immersion in a scientifically engineered ultrasonic tank. Often combined with high-pressure water blasting (HPWB) to help rinse away residual chemical and foulant, Ultrasonic Cleaning is a powerful technique that helps return heat exchangers and parts to like new performance. Clean Harbors provides mobile tanks for turnarounds and offers long-term lease tanks on customer sites. 

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Interstitial areas are easier to reach
  • Improved heat-transfer coefficient rates
  • Improved volume throughput
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through lower fuel consumption
  • Reduction of water consumption by 75% - 95% versus HPWB alone 
  • Improved personnel safety through reduced manpower
  • Faster turnaround time for traditionally difficult to clean assets

Ultrasonic Capabilities

As part of our ultrasonic cleaning technology, we offer multiple sizes of ultrasonic vessels (8’, 20’, 32’ in length) geared toward the cleaning of heat exchangers, components or other parts such as valves, fittings, demister pads and flame arrestors. Smaller vessels and parts washers are also available through our sister company, Safety-Kleen.

Ultrasonic Solutions

Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to cleaning your facility’s equipment. HPC Industrial offers multiple solutions to help you maintain your equipment and avoid costly shutdowns.

  • Mobile Services – Ideal for turnarounds and larger scale projects
  • Dedicated Wash Pad Services – We can assist with the conversion of your traditional wash pad to an ultrasonic cleaning wash pad
  • Off-site Cleaning Facility – Turnkey cleaning service including ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure water blasting, mechanical, inspection, transportation and waste handling

Download Fact Sheet (Ultrasonic Cleaning Services)